How to Clean Ostrich Leather Handbags

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Ostrich is a soft and exquisite leather distinguished by its pattern of quill. It’s also one of the toughest, but most pliable of the exotic leathers. Full of natural oils, ostrich leather handbags have a high resistance to drying, cracking … Read More

What to Wear in Washington DC

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Washington DC style is conservatively trendy. I grow up in Washington and the style of natives is quintessential North East trad / prep chic. Hardly any girlfriends of mine even knew how to put make-up on senior year of high … Read More

What Makes a Prada Handbag Unique?

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The handbags and purses from Prada are items that make many women drool after them and owning one is something that they wish to achieve even if they have to pay an exorbitant price for them. From the time, Mario … Read More

How To Spot a Fake Mulberry Bag

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Mulberry handbags are high quality designer handbags that, because of their popularity, are a prime target. So to help avoid being ripped off by one of these phony handbags, this article will provide some fundamental guidelines to aid in identifying … Read More

How to Spot a Fake Versace Handbag

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Plastic packaging: An authentic Versace handbag will not have anything, any part or accessory wrapped in plastic or shrink wrap of any kind. This is also a universal tell for any top designer handbag. Merchandise originating in Italy, meaning any … Read More

To Fake or Not to Fake?

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When it comes to handbags is it better to fake it; or save up until you do not have to! All women have their own thing, whether its shoes, clothes, jewelery or like me; handbags. If you are a handbag … Read More

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